Monday, April 22, 2019




How about a movie?
You mean on TV?
No, I was thinking of going to a movie theater.
At this hour? Eight o’clock?
Yes, there’s a session at 8:45!

Are you going to work tomorrow?
No, tomorrow is my day off.
Good for you! Then how are you going to spend the day?
I am so tired that I will probably sleep until noon.
And then? Probably I’ll watch some TV and then sleep again!

Is today your birthday?
No, it will be next Saturday!
Is there going to be a party?
No, probably have a cake with my family.

I have to travel to Rio.
When, tomorrow?
No, I will do this on the weekend.
This weekend?
Yes. Do you want to come with me!
Surely! I thought you wouldn’t invite me.

Do you like pizza?
Of course I do!
I am going to order a large one. Which one do you like?
I love that five cheese with tomatoes.

Ok, them. I am going to order one, half five cheese, half vegetarian.

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